3D Printing

We Provide 3D Printing

FFF Materials

  • PLA
  • PETG
  • Wood PLA
  • ASA
  • ABS
  • Copper Filament
  • Kevlar Filament
  • Carbon Fiber Filament
  • TPU

Our Rates start at $200/day or 14.99/hr of 3D Printing* **

To obtain a price quote for your model please contact us at info@vectordesign.group

 For questions please visit our FAQ section

*$200/day for models of minimum 24hr print time in PLA filament, or $14.99 for models taking less than 7hrs in PLA. Model dimensions must be under 11.025 cm3 (W25 x L21 x H21 cm or W9,84 x L8,3 x H8,3 in)

**Standard Resolution is 0.2mm Higher resolutions available upon request.